Efficiently cover any terrain with no ground damage

A new way to spray

The ability to cover varied and uneven terrain makes drones the perfect precision spraying tool. Combined with mapping, the drone sprayer can be used to target specific areas of weeds or disease reducing impact and increasing efficiency.

We are the only company to possess a PA7 for drone-based pesticide application
DJI Agras MG1S Drone sprayer

What are the Rules in the UK?

As it stands now in 2018, using drone based spraying systems for pesticide application on a commercial basis is not legal in the UK.

We are currently conducting trials with the goal of commercial operations being allowed in 2019.

Once legalised by the CRD, a drone-based pesticide application permission and a special operational safety case from the CAA will be required for any commercial agricultural drone spraying activity.

Courses designed to get you up-to-date and ready for the coming spraying revolution will be available soon. Course fees will then be discounted from the cost of a final system purchase. All systems will be sold with full training and certification courses for the above included.

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Ready for the Drone Spraying Revolution

DJI Agras MG-1S

Drone AG has been trialling the DJI Agras MG-1 for a over a year. It is an excellent first step in aerial spraying using drones and its successor, the MG1S, provides all the tools necessary to conduct aerial spraying within the coming UK regulations.

We are one of only two DJI Dealers for Agras in the UK.

 Accurate. Automated. Intelligent 

Made by DJI – The Agras MG-1S is a highly advanced drone spraying system with RTK GPS, flow sensors, triple radar sensors and fully programmable flight paths.
DJI Agras MG1-S Control
Agras MG1S Planning

Agras MG-1S 

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DJI Agras MG-1S drone spraying system, 4 batteries (10-15min flight time each), Multi Charger, 5.5 inch HD display for planning and monitoring.
Spraying-specific Training, 1 month Software and Support.

Drone Spraying PA courses and CAA certification will also be available at an additional cost.