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Complete Drone Systems for Agriculture

Informative, actionable crop data from the air.

Mavic ndvi sentera
Altum from Micasense for M200
M200 with Sentera AGX710
M200 with Slantrange 3p
Sentera M200 AGX710
Inspire 1 sentera dual NDVI 4k
Micasense Red Edge M200 mount
Mavic ndvi sentera
M200 with Micasense Red Edge M
Accurate, Reliable and On-Demand Data

Fly Then Apply

Our drone system packages provide a high-resolution aerial data solution to produce plant counts and establishment checks, detect weeds and disease and measure nitrogen and biomass. Then export in industry standard formats for guided scouting, measurement reports and variable rate application maps.

Backup from Farmers Who Know Drones

Training & Support

All our customers get direct support from us here in the UK, farmer to farmer. We also offer public and private hands-on training that covers everything needed to get the most out of these drone systems in a farm environment. Combine this with DJI Care, which provides fast, cheap repairs and full replacements for complete piece of mind.

Super Fast Crop Scouting

Mavic Air + Skippy

The Mavic Air is small, portable and packs enough sensors for super accurate automated fields scouting with Skippy. It’s the perfect, affordable package to help you collect highly detailed crop scouting images in a 10th of the time it would take you with your phone, and in more detail!

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Portable Health and Nutrient Insights

Mavic Agri Pro

The Mavic Pro drone system with Sentera NDRE sensor is ideal for mapping whole fields in True NIR. These systems see beyond the visual spectrum and give you real, useful insights into crop health and potential issues earlier than you might otherwise spot them, as well as key nutrient insights for vari rate applications.

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Multispectral Data Collection

M200 Agri Pro

the M200 Agri Pro combines an industrial-spec drone platform with the latest multispectral camera technology options from Micasense or Sentera. Capture high-resolution and high-quality multispectral, visual and even thermal data, more often and in more environments than ever before.

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