M200 mapping
Get Accurate and Reliable Information

On Demand Data

Our drones provide an up-to-date, high-resolution aerial data solution that beats satellite across the board. Produce plant counts and establishment checks, detect weeds and disease, measure nitrogen and biomass.

Variable Rate Prescription Files

Fly Then Apply

With fast data processing and the ability to fly in variable weather conditions, our drones allow you to work with the latest crop data. Then export it in industry standard formats for variable rate nitrogen or pesticide prescriptions.

mapping drone in flight with slantrange 3p
DJI Agras MG1S
A new way to spray

Aerial Application

Beyond aerial data collection, aerial spraying drones allow for targeted application over any terrain. We’re working with our partners to make this commercially viable in the UK soon.

Buy Drone Systems with Training and Support

Designed for Farmers

Our drones come as complete system solutions including software, training and ongoing support. They are the perfect aerial platforms to gather the data needed for a multitude of precision agriculture applications.


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