M200 Agri Pro

The Next Generation Multispectral Drone System

The perfect drone platform for Pro AG

Based on the latest generation of DJI drone technology, the M200 Agri Pro is a package that combines a reliable and easy-to-fly drone platform with the latest multispectral camera technology options from Slantrange, Micasense or Sentera.

This all adds up to the ability to capture high-resolution and high-quality multispectral and visual data, more often and in more environments than ever before.

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Innovative, simple multispectral camera integration creates a powerful vegetation mapping tool – a first for the M200.


High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight, even in strong winds.

Dual Battery

Power for up to 30mins flight and automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures.


An IP43 rated, enclosed design ensures weather and dust resistance. Perfect for farm environments.

m200 farm map


Cover up to 60HA per Fight

High speed stability and equipment, including both a high-resolution 20Mp stills camera and a quad-band multispectral camera means data collection is fast and efficient and produces the high-resolution output needed for population measurements and weed/disease detection.

Highly Accurate Data

The capture and export of calibrated, raw reflectance data allows for many different types of analysis, across data-sets taken at different times. Optional sensors such as Thermal IR can also be used, to provide extra data layers.

Establishment Mapping

High-resolution data makes growth detectable early and population analysis for establishment, density and size distribution calculable. Terrain elevation map data layers also provide valuable information.

Nutrient Mapping

Produce maps of chlorophyll content that are more accurate and more up-to-date than satellite. Combine with biomass data to generate prescriptions for variable rate application, on the same day.

Weed & disease mapping

Smart detection filters, quad-band plant measurements (beyond simple NDVI) and in-field processing for immediate ground truthing, allow for effective detection, mapping and targeting of weeds and disease.


Use highly accurate data from up to 5 individual, incoming-light calibrated bands, input custom formulas and export in multiple formats.

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Enterprise Training and Support

An End-to-End Solution

Basic training, based on our own on-farm testing and development, is included with all systems. It covers drone system setup, manual flight, maintenance, pre-flight and post-flight checks, flight planning and data processing for automated mapping.

We also provide various advanced training courses for specific software, and courses based on specific tasks such as nitrogen mapping and CAA PFCO certification. Find out more

Ongoing enterprise support provides phone and email assistance, a full maintenance return service, with courtesy system when needed and repairs/upgrades with all labor included. The first month is included free with all system purchases. Find out more

Drone training for farming

M200 Agri Pro Packages

Full End to End Solution = System + Software + Training


All Include: A fully tested M200 with an integrated sensor of choice, controller, controller harness, 2 x TB50 batteries, case (folded drone only) and a 5 foot landing pad.

Training at our farm base and 1 month of support is also included.



Includes: Gimballed dual sensor and 1 year of Field Agent Software.

For: Professionals, large farms and Agri businesses to capture real-time, useful data easily.





Includes: Quad-band sensor system and 1 year of Slantview Pro software.

For: Operations in remote areas / anywhere accurate, fully calibrated data is needed fast.





Includes: 5 band sensor system (+Thermal with Altum) and 1 year of Pix4D Mapper Software.

For: R&D operations / anywhere fully calibrated, reliable and proven data is required.

REM £11,000  Altum £16,000



An SKB military spec hard case that will hold the drone system fully ready to fly with accessories. £600

X4S camera (20mp RGB). £450

X5S camera with multiple lens options. £1600

XT FLIR thermal camera. £4000-£9500

TB50 batteries, one pair gives up to 30mins flight time. £300 /pair 

Power case, charges 8 batteries at once.  £1200

Integrated Reach PPK solution (for RedEDge M only). £1200

M210 Upgrade, allows for dual front mounted cameras. £2780

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