Tough. Flexible. Easy to Fly.

Built to work on the farm, the Storm is a reliable, weather-tolerant, easy-to-operate drone system that can be integrated with multiple imaging systems or other equipment.

Weather Tolerant Design

Rain and wind tolerant – No need to avoid variable weather.

Highly Customisable

A custom design means we can mount many different sensors.

Redundant Systems

Three IMUs, two GPS and two batteries for reliability and up to 30mins flight time

slantrane 3p overhead on drone
Storm RTK Mapping Drone OSR


Tried and tested by us with the full workflow included in your training. And we’re adding more every season.
Variable Rate Nitrogen

Export prescription shapefiles

Case Study

Smart Weed Mapping

Detect & build application profiles

Case Study

Boundary & Tramline Mapping

For RTK machinery (requires RTK upgrade)

Case Study

Tree & Plant Counting

Automatic counts & reporting

Case Study

True Plant Stress

Quad band early detection beyond standard NDVI to detect nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, or dehydration conditions

Terrain Elevation

Elevation & terrain models to display contours and compare to problem areas

Zenmuse XT on Storm system
Flexible mounting system

Sensor Options

The Storm system uses DJI components at its heart, but it is a custom design and build. This gives it a high level of flexibility, with external power output, flight controller connection and custom mounting plates that can be designed to fit various payloads and sensors.

The front plate and DJI camera mount fits any standard DJI camera, from the X3 and Z3, up to the multiple lens X5, XT thermal camera and Z30 30x optical zoom camera.

The bottom plate can fit a variety of third party cameras (up to 800g), with or without vibration isolation. Examples include the Parrot Sequoia, Micasense RedEdge and Slantrange 3p multispectral camera systems, as well as various thermal cameras and even full hyperspectral camera systems.

Finally, a flexible top mounting system allows for incoming light sensors (a must for properly calibrated imagery), external GPS and RTK/PPK units to be installed.


from £5000


The base system comes complete and ready-to-fly in a tough case with an X3 RGB camera, 4 x TB48 batteries (use in pairs, 30mins flight time), a charger, spare props and a landing pad.

1 month of software and support is included along with full training on the aircraft and software at our base.

Storm Agriculture Drone in case in wheat field
Multispectral Slantrange 3P with RTK drone


Aeroview cloud-based data processing with satellite data, analytics and export (24 hour data turn-around depending on internet speed) and enterprise support£150 per month

Slantview immediate and unlimited data processing, analytics and export with NDVI and Stress maps (15 min data turn-around in field, no internet connection required) plus Aeroview management software and support. 6 months £1800 | 12 months £2800

Slantview Pro immediate and unlimited data processing, analytics and export (15 min data turn-around in field, no internet connection required) plus Aeroview management software and support. 6 months £2500 | 12 months £4000

Pro Features: Population Density Maps, Population Size, Weed Coverage, Vegetation Fraction, Yield Potential and Smart Detection.


DJI X5 Camera

Fit 16Mp, 4k video, with multiple lens options from 12mm to 45mm (24 to 90mm FF equivalent). £1200

Slantrange 3p Multispectral

High-end multispectral camera, with on-board data processing. £3200

Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging Camera

Measuring IR radiation, this camera can give accurate temperature readings from the air. Applications include irrigation monitoring, animal counting/health checks and solar panel inspections. £enquire

RTK GPS system

A normal GPS system provides accuracy to about 1m either way which is enough for most agri mapping scenarios. When more accuracy is required for applications such as mapping margins, tramlines or measuring crop height, the RTK upgrade will provide position accuracy to within 5cm. £3000

Super Power Pack

Provides three battery pairs and a six battery, parallel multi-charger, in a tough flight case. This system will charge three battery pairs at once in about 20mins, keeping you flying all day. £1200



CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) 2 day course, operations manual and flight exam. Available at our training base or locations across the UK. £950 per person


For any special cases such as beyond line-of-sight operations or flying within urban areas, we provide a consulting service to help you obtain an Operational Safety Case (OSC) from the CAA. £per project

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