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November 2017

The first drone training course for farmers run by farmers on a farm is now available from DroneAG.


Farmers will be able to watch and learn exactly how useful a drone can be on the farm out in the fields of a family-run estate where training company DroneAG is based.   

No more sitting in a classroom for a few hours followed by a quick drone test in a car park promises DroneAG’s Jack Wrangham.

“Our trainees will get one-to-one, hands-on tuition in the field,” he says.

The two-day course led by drone expert Jack with his farming brother Hugh Wrangham and agronomist Robert Ord covers mapping and crop scouting plus how to collect and use data for stewardship and insurance, planning and inspection applications.

“Many farmers now own drones but few know their true potential,” says Jack.

“The aim of the course is to show them what a very useful farm tool their drone can be.”

The 2 day courses will be run on:

Jan 22nd/23rd

March 12th/13th

May 14th/15th


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