No drone experience necessary!

Got a farming background and an interest in tech?

Field Scout Test Pilot

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, agriculture-oriented individual with an interest in technology to join the team, fly drones, collect field data and provide feedback on our app.



Near Wooler, Northumberland – East Lilburn Farm.

We are a small team, so communication is easy and straightforward, and everyone answers to the same person.

We all work in the same office space, in a fast-paced, but relaxed working environment.

Our workflow is mostly assigned work, alongside tasks that we work on every day, such as emails, calls, flying drones, playing VR.


The Work:

Outdoor work, with some office work. Flying drones and scouting fields, collecting data and providing feedback.

    • Learning to fly and use drones.
    • Familiarising with our app.
    • Using mapping software.
    • Development; app testing & reporting back on issues, bugs, fixes etc.
    • Using drones to monitor certain fields for case study / testing purposes.
    • Demonstrations (once you have learnt a bit!)
  • Office work will include but is not limited to:
    • Learning training material for multiple systems.
    • Managing equipment (drones, batteries, cables, memory cards etc.)
    • Providing sales and support to customers (once you have learnt a bit!)


Work Travel:

Occasionally we’ll be attending agricultural shows or running training courses and will therefore be staying away during those weeks, during which the working hours may be extended.

If you are required to drive long distances in your own vehicle, you will be able to claim back mileage.

We travel about once every month and a half, sometimes more.


Requirements / Preferences:

  • Candidates must be relatively computer-literate, and on-farm experience is essential for this role:
    • Having an understanding of how farms operate throughout the growing season is critical.
    • The greater your understanding of agriculture the better! 
  • Candidates with a full UK driving license and a car would be preferred.
    • We travel relatively often, so having the ability to travel independently is very useful.
  • Some experience with drones would be useful/preferred, but it is not essential. (We can teach you that bit!)
  • An interest in technology.

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