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Countryside Stewardship Applications

By August 4, 2015No Comments

Countryside stewardship applications are a long and complicated process that farmers must go through in order to receive often size-able grants from the government. The applications cover various aspects of the land, from fence locations, to field size, shape and vegetation type. If any part of the application is in correct, or fails to provide acceptable proof, it can be delayed, or possibly the farmer will not receive the full grant they are entitled to.

Drone systems such as ours can help farmers to check their application is correct, and provide proof in the form of aerial imagery that is more accurate than a ground survey, faster to obtain than a ground survey and cheaper to obtain than then use of manned aircraft or satellite imagery. The aerial perspective can also easily show up different types of vegetation, hidden fence lines and boundaries with ease.

What this means for farmers is that they now have a way to gather more useful information in a way that is faster and more accurate, and therefore will save them money, whilst also most likely increasing the size of the grant they receive for their countryside stewardship.

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