Fully Integrated Systems

Sentera camera systems provide a simple and effective way to gather useful and reliable crop health data. Their Field Agent software comes free with all their sensors and provides local crop maps within minutes of landing (no net needed), and more advanced maps for elevation and weep mapping where needed.

We now supply the full Sentera range, focusing on crop health sensor upgrades for the consumer DJI drone range and more advanced packages for the DJI M200 series.

Please note, we’re currently updating the website with the new Sentera products, for now please contact us to make an enquiry.

Field Agent devices
DJI Upgrades

Precision Crop Scouting
With Your Drone

We have single and dual sensor options for the DJI Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and M200 series drones. These provide either NDVI (good for plant health) or NDRE (good for nutrients) options, or both for the dual sensors.

For Mavic and Phantom options, you send you drone to us and we upgrade it for you. For the Inspire and M200 series, cameras simply attach where the standard cameras do and can easily be swapped.

You get access to Field Agent software for one year. Training is an optional extra.

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FieldAgent_MobileApp_ ndvi

Plan and Map a Field

Quickly plan an automated flight that will capture all the required images for a full map, or a quick scout.

Process the Images

Load the images into Field Agent and process fast at field side for immediate results or generate a full res map for detailed analysis later.

See your whole field at a glance

Check crop health and identify issues with TRUE NDVI, do a population/stand count, map for weed pressure or see terrain elevation.
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Sentera M200 AGX710 b
Complete Systems

End-to-End Solutions
With Training

Our full drone system packages are designed to include everything needed to begin operating high end drone systems for precision scouting and more. Based on the DJI M200 drones system and Sentera AGX710 sensor, these solutions also include a transport case, landing pad, plenty of batteries and full training.

You can to mix and match NDVI, NDRE and full spectrum visual sensors, or choose a 5 band multispectral version.  This system is fully integrated into the M200, with full control of the camera from the ground, and a Live NDVI view is also possible – Live crop health as you fly!

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