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The problem with drone technology in farming up to this point, is that it has never been terribly simple or quick.
Farmers don’t have the luxury of mucking about, their time could be much better spent elsewhere.
This is the culmination of what we have learnt over the last few years in drone hardware and training, and an exciting move into software for us; creating something that will be a net save of a farmer’s time.

As you may already know, we’ve been working on our new app, “Skippy Scout” for a few months now, and it’s going pretty well! We have the basic functionality working and the AI is coming along nicely.
A few creases to iron out here and there, as is the way with software development, but the general process is going ahead as planned.

The Skippy platform will give farmers easy access to field-wide, real-time data that allows precision management of crops, “walking” them up to ten times faster than a farmer would be able to do on foot.

You can find out more about Skippy Scout by clicking the link below. And you can sign up to our beta testing program where you will get free access to the app for the rest of the year!

We’re also planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon, to fund further development of the Skippy software platform, and we’d love your feedback to help refine it.
So if you can spare a few moments of your time and want to know more about our crowdcube launch please click on this link:

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