DJI Agras: Automated Crop Spraying Drone

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We’re fully certified DJI Academy instructors.

UK Update: We are moving toward being authorised to spray pesticides from drones in the UK. Read more from the HSE here.

A new way to Spray and Spread. We have over 5 years experience with drone spraying systems, being one of the first in the UK to start operating them.

The 6th generation Agras T Series drone spraying systems provide an automated, precise aerial spraying platform.

Combine them with a P4R or M to map areas in advance of spraying, allowing targeted application of specific areas.

Use cases: Bracken control // Spraying off weed patches // Spreading seed on wet ground

We provide:

  • Full T10 or T30 drone system with RTK base, Batteries and Charger
  • Certified training courses in operation
  • Consulting on UK permissions needed for operation
  • Note the T20 is now discontinued


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dji agras spraying drone

Drones for Spraying

Targeted aerial application
over any terrain

Spray Anywhere

Automated spraying over wet land, slopes, small and large areas.


Centimetre-level RTK system for both planning and application.


Spray up to 6 L/min with a spray width of 7m.


IP67 means water and dust are no issue. Radar detects and avoids hazards.



10L tank
6.67 hectares/hour


20L tank
7M spray width
Up to 6L/min


30L tank
16 hectares/hour

How it works

1 Data Capture

Scout and/or map crops by drone to find the areas that need to be sprayed.
Use The P4M/R RTK drone to map areas precisely. Use Skippy Scout to identify the issue.

2 Planning

Import you data and use it to plan where to spray and input your spray height and rates.
Or... use the RTK controller to walk and mark areas for spraying.

3 Application

The T20 will automatically fly to and spray the areas, no manual control needed.
It uses radar to fly at the set height above the crop, and adjusts its flow rate based on speed.

Optional Extras


  • Swap from spray to spread in less than 3 minutes
  • Up to 15kg/min variable rate
  • Grains 0.5-5 cm

Mapping Drone

  • RTK mapping covering up to 40ha per flight
  • Phantom 4 R – High resolution sensor for detail and terrain mapping.
  • Phantom 4 M – Multispectral sensor for vegetation index mapping.

More Power

  • Charge multiple batteries at once
  • Charge accessories
  • Portable

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