DJI Phantom NDVI Upgrade

Dedicated Crop Sensor for Health and Nutrient Insights

Recommended For:

The Phantom series Sentera upgrades are ideal for farmers or agronomists who already own a Phantom and are looking to move up a gear, mapping to get a whole field health/nutrient overview for comprehensive, efficient field scouting.

Adding True NIR capability to these systems allows them to see beyond the visual spectrum and give you real, useful insights into crop health and potential issues earlier than you might otherwise spot them. Or NDRE will give you a powerful tool to help with vari rate Nitrogen application.

Works With:

This Sentera sensor upgrade is designed for Phantom series drones from DJI.

The Phantom series are larger than the Mavic series, cost a bit more and the 4 Pro has a higher resolution RGB camera as well as more advanced obstacle detection. However if don’t yet own a drone, we’d recommend the Mavic – its cheaper, smaller and will do the job just as well.

The sensor data can be processed in many programs, including Dronedeploy and Senteras own Field Agent, which is included in the cost.

What Else Do I Need:

You’ll need a Phantom series drone, if you don’t own one, you can add one in the options. Software to control the drone and process the imagery is included.

If you don’t have much experience with using drone systems for mapping on the farm, we highly recommend training. You can add a days training with us in the options, or find out more about our Using Your Farm Drone courses, designed to┬áteach you how to unlock the power of your drone as a useful farm tool.

DJI Phantom Series Sentera Upgrade

£1,750.00 ex Vat


Crop Sensor Upgrade and Software Package

Sentera produce very high precision NIR sensor upgrades for DJI drones. Installed and tested by us*, they seamlessly integrate with your drone and provide fully geo-tagged and time stamped images for near real-time field scouting and identification of problem areas invisible to the naked eye.

  • NDVI for crop health or NDRE option for nutrient insights.
  • Standard drone camera unaffected.
  • Field Agent software included allows fast processing field-side of crop health maps for targeted scouting.
  • Detect problems invisible to the naked eye.
  • Weed, Plant Population and Elevation Maps also available at 50p per Ha.
  • Full support from us here in the UK.

*You’ll get instructions to ship your drone to us once your order is complete. We’ll upgrade and test it within 3 days and get it back to you fast.

Drone Type * 

Which Phantom do you own?

Sensor Type * 

Choose NDVI for plant health analysis or NDRE for nutrient analysis/later stage crops.

Options and Training

The Micro Gimbal allows higher quality data collection in windy conditions.

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