DroneDeploy AG

£950.00 ex Vat

This is a yearly DroneDeploy software package designed for mapping your farm with your DJI drone.

For the same price as the standard DroneDeploy Pro, you get the normal Dronedeploy package, with easy to use flight planning and unlimited processing, plus:

  • Real-Time Mappinggreat for getting an overview at the field side. Scouting has never been so easy.
  • Advanced Crop Health – using either you standard RGB camera or Sentera camera if/when you upgrade your drone.
  • Plant Counts – up to 1000 Acres of stand and count and population analyses.
  • Shapefile Exports – send the data to your farm management software.
  • Support from us via phone and email

Learn how to make the most of DroneDeploy with our Using Your Farm Drone training course, and get £50 credit.

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