Sentera AGX840

Plug and Play, Gimbaled Quad Sensor

Recommended For:

Designed for enterprise and academic researchers, the AGX840 streamlines and simplifies data collection, and offers data compatibility with your preferred software analytic tools.

The AGX840 standard configuration collects RGB, Red, Red Edge (NDRE), and NIR data, with the option to fully customize the sensor with your chosen bands*.

Works With:

Enjoy easy, seamless installation with the M200 series. Using the SkyPort sensor interface, the sensor can be installed and removed in seconds, without tools, cables, connectivity, or special brackets.

The sensor data can be processed with many popular software analytics tools. We recommend Pix4D Mapper.

What Else Do I Need:

You’ll need a DJI Matrice 200 series drone, if you don’t own one, ask us about your options.

You’ll also need software to process the imagery. Pix4D Mapper is  good bet.

Sentera AGX840

£4,500.00 ex Vat

The AGX840 upgrade allows you to equip your DJI Matrice 200 Series drone with a Sentera AGX840 gimbaled quad-band sensor so you can collect extremely precise crop health data.

  • 4 dedicated, narrow band sensors
  • Fully gimbaled sensor allows for nadir data capture, resulting in more precise imagery
  • Red, Green Blue, NIR and Red Edge Bands.
  • OR your own custom bands*
  • Integrate with DJI M200 and M210 drone series using Lock-and-Go gimbal technology,
  • Data integrates with popular software analytic tools and major digital ag platforms
  • Full support from us here in the UK.

We can help you choose the right spec for your application – just ask us.

*Custom bands cost extra, so please ask for a quote!

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