Slantview Software Options

A free version will export the data immediately for processing in any of the other software packages listed here.

Basic and Pro use innovative processing algorithms that require only 20% image overlap to process unlimited amounts of data field-side. And include standard NDVI, NDRE and Plant Stress options and calibrated raw image output via industry standard formats.

Pro adds Smart Filtering and Detection, Population Measurements, Chlorophyll Index, Weed and Disease Detection.

Recommended For:

The Slantrange 3P is best suited to applications where either an internet connection is not available and/or processed data is required very soon after collection.

The Slantrange 3p starts the processing on-board, while still in flight. Complete, full-product field results are available within a few minutes of landing. If you need to operate in areas with limited to zero network or computing accessibility, or don’t have the time to upload or process your own data, the Slantrange 3p is for you.

Works With:

The 3p works with any drone, With integrated sunlight calibration, GPS, and inertial measurement units (IMU), the SLANTRANGE 3p can be operated on virtually any aircraft. All that’s required for integration is a power source and mounting location. The 3PX works only with the DJI M200 series.

Whilst these sensors will work with other software, we recommend using them only with Slantview software as this gets the best and most efficient results from the data these sensors deliver.

What Else Do I Need:

We recommend the DJI M200 drone system and 3PX variant of this sensor. If you already own a drone, the 3p will mount onto many different drone systems. You’ll also need Slantview software.

If you don’t have much experience with using drone systems for mapping on the farm, we highly recommend training. You can add a days training with us in the options, or contact us to build a bespoke training package.

Slantrange 3PX

£4,150.00 ex Vat

Slantrange 3p sensors integrate with many drone systems and deliver ultra-high resolution multispectral imagery designed specifically for agricultural applications. It is great for applications where speed is of the essence, providing a full data-set at the field side within minutes of landing, without the need for a net connection.

The 3PX sensor is designed to work directly with the DJI M200 series. If you don’t have a drone, we recommend this combination.

  • Counting and size individual plants for improved yield forecasting
  • Detect weed growth for more precise herbicide applications
  • Measuring plant health conditions for more efficient nutrient use
  • Enables users to train 3p to find features and signatures of interest to their own operations with proprietary SmartDetection™ algorithms

Please contact us for 4P pricing


Software * 

Lite allows you to export imagery to process elsewhere.


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