Slantrange 4P

£4,150.00£4,950.00 ex Vat

SlantRange 4P

The 4P sensor delivers 6 spectral bands – NIR, RE, Red and RGB. With Ambient Illumination Sensor included.

SlantRange 4P+

The 4P+ is the more advanced with 2X the resolution. Cover more area without sacrificing resolution or accuracy.

Precision Navigation Module

Integrated dual-antenna RTK GPS, LIDAR rangefinder, and extended Kalman filter (EKF) navigation solution measures the sensor position relative to the plant within centimeters, so measurement scale is precise.

DJI Skyport

4P Series sensors include DJI SKYPORT integration as an optional add-on. Ensure the quality of your data collections with in-flight data accessibility via DJI’s Payload SDK.


Software * 

All come with Lite – that allows exports to process in other programs.

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