Drone Training


Training Courses and Certification for Drones

Our 6000 acre family farm estate provides the ideal base for our proving and training grounds. It allows for hands-on training in a real, working farm environment across various types of land and different scenarios.

Basic Training

Option with all system purchases.

Basic training is designed to get you up to speed and ready to start using your system. We cover basic operation and maintenance, through to programming automated flights for mapping and cover site surveys and risk assessments.

We’ll also cover the software and sensors specific to your system, and work-flows specific to your needs such as multi-spectral data analysis and building variable rate application prescriptions.

Training Course - Using Your Farm Drone

Unlock the power of your drone as a useful farm tool.

This is a 2 day course built by a team of drone experts and farmers, and based on using drones on a working farm. The course is led by a drone expert with over 10 years experience, with input from farmers and agronomists.

The course is LANTRA Certified, and BASIS and NRoSO registered awarding 12 and 2 CPD points respectively.

Or try the online version… learn the same content in your own time, on your own farm. 6 CPD & 2 NRoSO points available.

Course DetailsOnline Course Details
Advanced Training

Task-specific drone applications in precision farming.

Based on our own internal R&D, these in-detail courses cover various software packages, and the very latest in drone technology use-cases.

From high resolution variable-rate weed control, to high precision boundary and tramline mapping for automated traffic, through to drone-based spraying systems and pesticide application certification.

Contact us about our bespoke training packages to learn more now.

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