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Drone Ag and Agrii Announce Strategic Investment to Transform Agriculture through Drone Technology

Drone Ag is thrilled to announce that it has received equity investment from Agrii, one of the world’s leading agriculture companies. The investment will enable us to further develop our advanced agricultural technology and expand our reach in the agricultural market.

At Drone Ag, we specialise in drone automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning as a means for providing real-time crop analysis and data-driven recommendations to farmers. Our innovative software, Skippy Scout, empowers farmers to make informed decisions about their operations and achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability as a result.

Agrii’s investment in Drone Ag will not only help us accelerate the development of our technology but will also enable us to provide even greater value to our customers. Agrii will be able to leverage our technology to deliver more accurate, efficient, and sustainable crop management services to its customers.

“We are excited to be partnering with Drone Ag to bring cutting-edge technology to our precision agriculture services,” said Ronan Hughes, Agrii’s Managing Director. “This investment will allow us to further enhance our offering and help our customers maximise their yields and sustainability.”

Drone Ag shares Agrii’s vision of using technology to drive sustainable agriculture. “We are thrilled to be working with Agrii, a company that shares our vision of using technology to drive sustainable agriculture,” said Jack Wrangham, CEO of Drone Ag. “With Agrii’s support, we can continue to develop our technology and help farmers improve their productivity and profitability.”

The investment from Agrii is a significant milestone for Drone Ag, and we look forward to collaborating with Agrii to create innovative solutions that will shape the future of agriculture.

Jack Wrangham // CEO Drone Ag

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