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DJI Agras MG-1S

The next step in aerial drone spraying

We have been trialing the excellent Agras MG-1 drone sprayer from DJI for a while now and its been looking very promising.

With the MG-1S system coming next year we are very excited. It has new features that will make drone spraying more automated and easier to accomplish. Over all it looks like a good step forward and will hopefully ties in well with new legislation for drone spraying in the UK.

The system will feature new flight control that is capable of using RTK GPS for centimeter accurate positioning, finally allowing fully automated flight that us accurate enough for spraying. Combined with new flight planning software, dynamic flow control and more accurate radar systems that look ahead and below, and we have a system that is cutting edge and ready to go to work.

We expect to be trialing the new MG-1S soon, and for them to be available in the UK around mid 2017.

For now, we can supply the MG1 with full training, the necessary PA7 certification and consulting on the OSC application to the CAA. We are currently the only ones in the UK with a PA7 certification for drones, and the only ones that can provide a course as such.

Please do note that currently the main issue we face in the UK is the chemicals regulation that currently only allows the use of Asulox for Aerial use (for Bracken spraying) legally, the market for Bracken spraying is however quite large with many areas being very difficult to reach without something like the Agras! We expect the exemption for Asulox to be re-instated next year from July through to October. We also expect more chemicals to become certified for aerial use eventually and we’re actively working on this ourselves and with our partners.

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