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Video: Cereals Display Reel

Drone AG were the first in the country to start trials with the Agras MG1 drone spraying system from DJI and we have had the new drone spraying system on show at Cereals 2016, where it has generated a massive amount of interest alongside our targeted mapping services.

Trials over the last few months have gone well and we are in a position where we can now start to look at specific applications for the system, bracken being the most prominent, and targeting black-grass in conjunction with our mapping systems.

It also seems the more people we talk to, the more application for such a system are identified, and we intend to explore those many application and begin offering services for them over the 12 months.

Over the next few months we will be conducting more targeted trials based on feedback, looking at targeted bracken, black-grass and potato blight control with the system.

We aim to make bracken control services available from August, with weed control beginning next year, in conjunction with our weed identification and mapping services.

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  • James says:

    Awesome start guys, great trial and very well presented data, very easy for potential clients and customers to understand. Best of luck, think there is going to be big demand in the farming community for this and you guys have the experience and credibility to deliver.

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