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Be Part of its Future!


We created Skippy Scout to help make farming more efficient.
With over 180 people signed up to test it already, we’re getting loads of great feedback as we build up to the launch of our crowdfunding campaign.
And Anyone will be able to invest and be part of the journey!

If you want to learn more about the campaign, click this link:
You can put your name down as well if you’re interested in hearing about it!

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital – Please Invest Aware.

The video below contains a brief introduction to Skippy Scout, and we’re very excited about its potential:

We’re building Skippy from the ground up, based on what we’ve learned over the last few years both on our own farm, and from our customers, testers and subscribers.
It’s also the reason we have chosen to raise investment via crowdfunding, because continuing to involve the farming community, and those interested in its progress, is important to us from both an investment and feedback point of view.


Then Versus Now


At Drone Ag we’ve been teaching people how to use drone technology as a useful tool for mapping, for a few years now. And the possibilities are awesome, in fact we’ve just made our online training course free, so take a look for yourself by clicking the link below, and even earn yourself some CPD points while you’re at it!

However, mapping does require a change in the way farmers and agronomists do things, and it takes time, which is a very precious resource.
That’s why we have been developing Skippy Scout; an easy, practical solution that uses drones to help you/farmers/agronomists get relevant crop data, faster than ever before. Watch the video below for Rob’s point of view as an Agronomist:

Our crowdfunding campaign will be launching soon, to get early access take a look here.

We want the farming community to stay involved, so follow us on social media and send us your questions and comments.
All are welcome!

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